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Liverpool in the 17th century

I’m unsure how far along I am with this project atm. I could go on collecting information and footage all year round. I have about  a 25 min documentary so far. I have a lot left to do, but I am in contact with everyone and  have most permissions sorted. This week I met up with another historian to discuss the aspects of medieval liverpool, I filmed paintings in the Maritime museum, and filmed in the town hall.

I’m hoping to get some more interviews done this week and edit what I have together. I’m trying to edit as I go long. The plan is get all footage and have everything edited by the end of this month. Which should be possible but I will have to get a move on. I’m debating on whether I should have a Voice Over or let the story tell itself with historians interviews throughout.

Liverpool town hallLiverpool town hall 2

I’m unsure how ‘arty’ to be. Everything I’ve made in the past ends up with my own style to it. Will my own style documentary be going too far? I would like people to enjoy this film and learn from it, I fear if I’m too creative and let loose on this project my own imprinted style will alienate the majority of people. I know this well  – for example at a film festival a few years back everyone clapped at the end of each short film, when mine had finished everyone sat in silence. Did they hate my short film? I don’t think so but it bedazzled, confused, and maybe shocked them. My films are not understood by the majority. Can I really go experimental on a historic documentary. I guess I’ll make it and see.

Town hall domePainting and reflection

A preview screening to a variety of people will be needed to be done before I start to sell it. Another expense is I will have to purchase a bar code so that I can sell it in shops. Things are coming together and happening, but I really must get a move on, I can’t be writing week 10 – still filming. I’m in no rush but for sake of money I need to make this in the next few months. The footage is looking good though.

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  1. It looks really good, I like that you’ve done the history of Liverpool and not just about the place now. I’m a history nerd

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