Jun 222015

A little life update.

My ideal job would be one where I can work flexible hours, giving me the time and a bit of spare money to be able to make films.

I feel like I have tried out about ten small business ideas over this past year –video journalism, blogging, painting, website building, ebaying,  freelance writing – yet nothing worked out. I have also worked 5 part times jobs. I didn’t like any of them. Now I have yet another idea to try out along the lines of script consultation/script reading that I think could be good for me – I don’t know if it will work out. I will simply have to try out my new idea and see how if it works in reality.

So I want people to know – that if anything works out for me over these next few years  – just know that I have failed many times trying out many different things before I made something that worked.

As things stand now -I have an actor for my feature film – the plan is write something together and make a film over the summer. I am also writing a book (14,000 words so far).

My plans for the next few months – try out new online business idea, make feature film, if things don’t work out get another job.

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Jun 012015


If you didn’t know already I am making a feature film this summer. I am tired of waiting for something to happen and have decided to just make my indie feature film. I have an idea for a mock/documentary that won’t cost a lot so I am saving up to fund it all myself.

There is only one actor needed for the film. Yup a cast of one! I am looking for someone who is up for a challenging shoot. I will cover you all I can but there will be no pay. If the film does make money then you will be paid. Most of all we will just have to make a film for the fun of it. Having fun and experimenting with ideas is the most important aspect of this film.

I am looking for an actor – male or female –in their twenties . The shoot could take up to 2 weeks so being able to take two weeks off work at some point this summer is needed.

If interested contact me, if you know of anyone who would be in interested let them know.

My email – theonlyamyclarke@hotmail.com

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May 292015
holding an oscar

Me with my imaginary oscar

I am bored without a project to obsess over. I’ve tried thinking seriously about my future and all I can imagine is myself directing films. I have been wanting to make a feature film now for 10 years (yup its been that long) and the documentary I made does not count.

I am worried about the future of the film industry, you hear nothing but bad news for indie filmmakers. So if it is impossible to make a living from making indie films – then I may as well just make one. with no care of money – just make a film for the fun of it – experiment  and see where it goes. I am thinking of making a feature film shooting this summer 2015. I need only have a small crew and one actor – I have a simple idea and I don’t need much of a budget to make it.

So there we go – I am thinking of making a feature film this summer – all I need now is an actor who would be interested in an adventurous shoot. Ideally someone in their twenties if interested please contact me with your details. – theonlyamyclarke@hotmail.com

I have the equipment and an idea. I need not have a big budget and I wont be bothering with the stress and uncertainty of crowdfunding. I have nothing to lose.

Starting to feel excited already!

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