Mar 292015

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It has been my first week of blogging with a level of seriousness.

I am using my new site Surreal Squeal to showcase and developed my writing with the aim of progressing into film journalism.

I would like to be able to make a living from blogging and freelance writing this year. I will be keeping a journal of how I go about this here, under the tap at the top – blogging 101.

I started by creating a free site in Jan and Feb, I wrote most days but decided that a blog with a theme instead of  a lifestyle blog about everything would be better. Surreal Squeal is to be my film journalistic site.

I launched on Sunday the 22nd of March 2015 -

7 days of blogging – what I have learnt so far

1.Google Analytics is addictive and non accurate

As soon as I started posting on my blog I couldn’t help but observe the stats via ga, however the app doesn’t just count views from people but views from spam robots as well. A large number of views from an unknown source with a 100% bounce rate is suspicious and most likely non human views. I have since put a filter on to block some spam

2. Do something different and useful for the audience

There is no doubt the internet is full of film reviewers and another amateur film reviewer is not needed. I am still going to do some film reviews to get better at reviewing but will also offer different types of articles as well. I have some ideas of things to try out these next few weeks.

3.It will take time to get the ball rolling

I think blogging is a snowball effect, once I have found my niche and that particular thing the internet needs people will come and stay. When I have some good examples of my writing I will start putting myself out there via guest posting and then start applying for paid writing gigs, I just need time to experiment which is what this first month of blogging is all about.

THE STATS week 1 (minus the robots)

Unique Visitor Count – 63 humans read my blog last week – Email subscriptions – 2 -.


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Mar 222015

IMG_0063I have started a new blog – Surreal Squeal I have been writing a lot over the past 12 months but not doing anything with what I have wrote. I started a try out free  blog in Jan and Feb coming to the conclusion that writing about myself only gets so far – I wanted to focus on a topic, I thought that would be better. So my new blog will be a film blog – articles, news, reviews, – whilst this blog will stay a blog about me as a filmmaker this is my personal blog.

I am curious to know if I can make money as a blogger. My plan is to keep it up and attract visitors to my new site these coming months. I am convinced if I can get 3000 visitors a day to my new site, it will start to generate decent money. This first month will be an experiment – the site will have themes every week – this week being STUDIO GHIBLI WEEK – every week I am going to write 3 or more posts on the chosen theme.

At this moment in my life I have 2 part time jobs making up about 30hrs of work a week. Both jobs are not the best, I have applied since university for – no exaggeration – hundreds of jobs and been rejected from too many. I do not have faith in the job market or even the future of my work life. Making a living as a blogger / film journalist would be a dream.

Of course the dream job for me is still film director but that will take time. I am writing scripts and stories but I dont feel the need to rush into directing just yet. I am sick of the life race to get everything as soon as possible, I have generally givin up on ‘what people think’ and life is so much better with that attitude.

So my new experiment - wish me luck.

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