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A Music Video I made for local band Jessicas Ghost. Zero budget, so the whole video takes place in a car. The best part would be 2 mins in which takes part in a car wash. A simple idea, the band did not wish to appear in the video so an actress was used.

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Nov 182014

When I read the BFI’s statistic that 100 feature films are being made in the UK each year with a budget under £100,000 and that only 5% of them will gain any distribution, it made me feel disheartened.

When Christopher Nolan made The Following I doubt he had such competition, neither did Quentin Tarrantino or Kevin Smith. Over 12,000 films are now being entered into the Sundance film festival every year and only 250 will be selected and shown.

When I hear such statistics and see how digital media, the internet and the general ease of filmmaking has changed the film industry over the past 10 years it can make me feel hopeless. I fear that even if ever I do become a great film director, it will not matter because I will not stand out amongst all of the noise online. My twitter reel is polluted with new filmmakers every day appealing for crowdfunding hand-outs.

A good idea?
A good idea?

I feel like I have missed out on all of the fun. That if only I was fighting to make films during the 60s or 80s perhaps then I would stand a chance. Now I fear I will not be part of the next generation of film directors, perhaps because nepotism or luck are not on my side, or perhaps because everyone is a filmmaker these days.

100 micro budget feature films are made in the UK each year and that number is rising. Perhaps next year I too will add a feature film to that statistic, 40% of all films shown at major film festivals will not gain any distribution. Often filmmakers lose hope, uploading their film online to be buried amongst the vastness of the interweb.

I find it distressing that breaking in as a filmmaker is more competitive than it has ever been. Sure we have endless resources online to sell ourselves on but the the internet for emerging filmmakers is unorganised and lacks community.

My idea so far is to create a website that focuses on micro budget films in the UK. I am going to focus on British films since the world would be too much for me to handle and this is an area have worked in and know well. I will be doing something simler to the American website – NoBudge.com creator Kentucky Audley is more than happy for me to do this.


What the site could do

Showcase micobudget films – The site will showcase microbudget films made in the UK. All feature films submitted will be guaranteed to be shown. It takes so much effort to complete a feature length film I feel no feature length film should be dismissed.

Acknowledge new talent– Emerging filmmakers rarely get attention, every film showcased will get a write up of the filmmakers. There will be a monthly E-magazine, avainable to the world online. The E-magazine will include information on films showcased on the site that month, a list of film productions happening in the UK, up to date information on what is happening in the British film industry.

A simple jobs board– Film industry job boards are messy and can be expensive to post on. I want to create one that is simple and focuses on British film productions only. It could also include information such as film clubs, equipment selling, and general classified ads related to the film industry.

I personally don’t believe the independent film sites on offer now work, they are expensive, they are impersonal, they don’t celebrate film or the makers involved. I want to do something different, these are early days and no doubt any site I create will keep evolving.

Any help out there would be great,  do you like the idea? What would you like to see a film site doing for you?


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