I have been trying to write a feature film script since April. 5 months have now passed and I have made a little progress.

I tried to set myself goals, write 3 pages a day etc, but a less formal approach to writing is working best. Write when I like and whatever scene or scenario I like, no order is necessary, no rules for myself. I’ve found myself writing most days and slowly my characters emerged and a story has fallen together.

I now have most of my story together and I am writing one script page a day to get it down. I’ll have a 1st draft by New Year. Not setting myself any goals, or aims, Just write gives me no pressure, and I am enjoying the process more now.

My story is simple – two characters, two house locations, – no murder, no guns, no blood, – just simple. It could be shot for nothing if it had to. That is the plan. Even if the concept is simple, there are still a lot of layers within the story, a lot is going on, and I might actually have a difficult story to write on my hands. But I always expected my first script to be the most difficult to get finished.

I am not ready yet to give a ‘save the cat’ short log line for the film. Partly since the story is adapting every week. But by Christmas I’m sure I will have revealed more.


 September 16, 2014

I know I want to be a film director, but I don’t know when to be one. I toss about the thought in my head – should I make an indie feature film now or wait until I have a budget to do my story some justice.

I always dream of making feature films, I have dreamt of sets with big budgets before, but I can happily settle my mind on making a no budget film, just so long as it is a considered a good film in the end. I fear if my first film is bad no one will ever want to work with me again. I suppose not owing anyone money at the end would only help with future anxiety.

I think all directors must have this dilemma, and perhaps even five feature films down the line the fear of failure might still be on the mind.

After making a feature documentary last year I have learnt a few things. First I CAN make a feature film, I have the ability to make a film of this length, this doesn’t scare me. The film I make must also be something I am passionate about (making something just to make money doesn’t do it enough). An indie feature film most likely wont make money (Selling even a tourist aimed documentary has proven too difficult, selling independently is hard work it’s a full time job that doesn’t pay). I really can’t afford to ever be in debt again.

I can dream of making a wonderful low budget indie, one that people want to work on, one that gets into Canne and kicks Xaiver Dolan’s ass (A young film director who has had success). But it may not happen, and the fear of failure is holding me back. I hope when I finish my script this year, I will have the guts to just make it, do the very best I can and settle for that. Then make another, call myself a director and keep at it.

Some of my favourite directors did not have success first time – Park Chan Wook, Weirner Herzog – David Lynch spent 6 years making his debt Eraserhead. It might be the first film I make or the fifth of maybe I’ll never be acclaimed so I must find joy out of making films regardless of the outcome.

These are the thoughts on the mind and I’m going to make a feature film next year.


 September 13, 2014

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