May 112016

runner job description

Being a runner/PA is the basic go to entry level job for anyone who wishes to work in the film industry. It’s the lowest junior job role that spreads out into all departments. Being a runner gives you the opportunity to see how a film set works from the inside. The job lets you take a look at all departments before you decide which direction to go within.

The jobs vary from set to set, budget to budget. On low budget jobs a runner position might feel more like an assistant producer role. You might have to read lines with actors, you might be asked to set up a light (on low budget films anything goes but either way experience is experience).

If your looking to get paid well for a runner position look towards the big production companies BBC, Working Title, Universal, UK  BECTU rates suggest runners get paid at least £10 ($15) an hour. Recently a friend of a friend  got a 6 month gig as a runner for a major studio . I looked him up and here is what he had to about the work –

Quote from a runner working on a film set in London 2016

I’m working as a runner for a major studio,  I got the work from a friend of a friend and moved to London from the northwest of England. As a runner I do a bit of everything from making teas to filing – any of the boring jobs no one else has been assigned to do. The work is good I get to see all of the varied roles on a film set. I work 12 hours a day 5-6 days a week from 7am-7pm.  I’m working in the accountancy department so I am on the film for 8 months from pre-production-post.  The pay works out as National Minimum wage (about £6.70 per hour). The production pays for my meals so I need only pay for accommodation whilst I am here. The plan is to keep friendly with everyone and move on to more crew based work after this production ends.

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May 052016
Coloured screenplays and other notes

What do the different coloured screenplays mean? I have been on film sets before and had the AD hand me the latest shooting script pages in various colours yellow, green, pink. Before I just went off the draft number and  had no real educated guess of what  the correct order […]

May 012016
Finding work in film when you work full time

It feels like an almost impossible question to answer – how do you find work in film when you have to work full time?  How would you answer this question? These past few months I have had many readers asking this same question. Every week I get emails from twenty something […]

Apr 262016
What does the Producer do on a film set?

What does the Producer do on a film set The producer of a film is one of the more well known job roles within a film crew, yet the exact jobs that they do day to day on set are not so well know. I have been uncertain myself on […]

Apr 182016
What is a Call Sheet? Plus Template download

What is a Call sheet? A Call Sheet is distributed to all crew members prior to each day of filming. It lets everyone on set know what time they must be on set or location each day.  The call sheet is created by the 2nd Assistant Director and is handed […]