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Jan 272016

what is screenplay coverage UK

What is script coverage?

Script Coverage is a written report of a film script made for company executives to make a quick decision on whether to pursue a project further. Executives and Producers do not have the time to read screenplays every day and sometimes pay a script reader to make quick 1-3 page reports on the screenplay for them to scan over. An Example of short script coverage report to be read my producers can be seen here.

Traditionally screenplays are given a verdict as such –

  • RECOMMEND (Very good. Read the screenplay)
  • CONSIDER (OK. The screenplay still needs a lot of work)
  • PASS (This draft is not worth a read)

Most screenplays –  around 90% of them – will get a pass first time from readers. A screenplay like any piece of writing needs many drafts before its is ready to be made into a film.

What is script coverage for the writer?

Script Coverage (often called Script Reports in the UK)  – are reports written for the writer with the intention of helping them develop their project. These reports are written in much more detail and are more analytical than critical. They range from 3-10 pages in length. The script reader will write their report on many aspects of the screenplay, the premise, structure, characters, dialogue, visuals, pace, the overall feasibility of the film might be evaluated. Every report varies.

These reports are not there to bullet point changes for the writer but to help them understand how their screenplay can be improved. Reports do not help the writer get their film made, but can be used to encourage producers to take their screenplay seriously especially if they get a RECOMMEND.  Screenwriters may use a script reader if they want a fresh pair of eyes to look over their work, are stuck on a draft or to get an idea of how their screenplay compares with the competition out there.

My Screenplay Reading service

I currently have a screenplay reading service on my blog. I write reports for the writer typically between 4-8 pages long. If you have a screenplay you would like me read please see my service page here.  I have already written reports for a handful of writers and have had very positive testimonials that can be seen at the bottom of my service page.

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