Jun 272016

writing a short film script. film script ideas

I had two goals for this year – blog and make a film. It seems that wanting to achieve both of these things and work full time may have been too much. There is just not enough time in the day for everything (I struggle).  Yet still I am blogging and I have finally completed my screenplay!

Writing process

I was juggling ideas around in my head for months before I started writing. I was working on another screenplay I wrote last year but in the end I didn’t feel attached to that script (it had pretty images but no substance). I decided to sit down and start writing something new last month.

I wrote in bursts of 1-2 hours when I had time free between blogging, work and life. Honestly looking back this was not the best writing plan, I wish I had dedicated a whole day just for writing my screenplay. By doing this once a week I would have completed it a lot sooner. Everyone is different but I like to write for a few hours at a time, rather than in small bursts throughout the day.

I have a first draft and I will keep developing the screenplay right up to filming. There are some problems with the characters actions not coming across as well as they could. I plan on actually making this film in August so time is ticking.

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Jun 142016
The Route to Film Directing

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the most wanted job in show business is the most difficult to pursue. There is no direct route to film directing. It is the most guarded job, elitist,  anyone who knew how to get there would keep it a secret. I have […]

May 112016
What to expect from a Runner Job

Being a runner/PA is the basic go to entry level job for anyone who wishes to work in the film industry. It’s the lowest junior job role that spreads out into all departments. Being a runner gives you the opportunity to see how a film set works from the inside. […]

May 052016
Coloured screenplays and other notes

What do the different coloured screenplays mean? I have been on film sets before and had the AD hand me the latest shooting script pages in various colours yellow, green, pink. Before I just went off the draft number and  had no real educated guess of what  the correct order […]

May 012016
Finding work in film when you work full time

It feels like an almost impossible question to answer – how do you find work in film when you have to work full time?  How would you answer this question? These past few months I have had many readers asking this same question. Every week I get emails from twenty something […]