Jul 112016
Storyboarding my short film

How to storyboard a short film. I have started to storyboard my short film. I need to get a move on, I hope to start filming in as a little as a month. The more prep I do the easier the shoot with be, the more smoothly it will go […]

Jun 272016
Writing my short film. Plus workbook download

I had two goals for this year – blog and make a film. It seems that wanting to achieve both of these things and work full time may have been too much. There is just not enough time in the day for everything (I struggle).  Yet still I am blogging […]

Jun 142016
The Route to Film Directing

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the most wanted job in show business is the most difficult to pursue. There is no direct route to film directing. It is the most guarded job, elitist,  anyone who knew how to get there would keep it a secret. I have […]

May 112016
What to expect from a Runner Job

Being a runner/PA is the basic go to entry level job for anyone who wishes to work in the film industry. It’s the lowest junior job role that spreads out into all departments. Being a runner gives you the opportunity to see how a film set works from the inside. […]

May 052016
Coloured screenplays and other notes

What do the different coloured screenplays mean? I have been on film sets before and had the AD hand me the latest shooting script pages in various colours yellow, green, pink. Before I just went off the draft number and  had no real educated guess of what  the correct order […]