Aug 242015

Chungking Express

It has been three years since I finished university. I spent a year giving film work ago – as we all know that didn’t quite work out. But for the past 2 years I have been struggling to find full time work that I enjoy. My plan was to get a normal job and make my own films in my spare time.  But spare time is not enough, I have not made a creative film within the past 3 years.

The problem is a full time job takes up all of my energy. I have full time work now but I am not enjoying my job at all, which is eating away at my confidence. I have been trying to find another job these past few months, I have been applying for more proper jobs that require a media degree and also for basic jobs such as waitressing. I have so far not been successful in finding another job this year.

I am stuck now working at a toxic job that is making me feel bad inside, I am unsure what the next step should be.  I need money to pay the bills and a full time job I don’t hate would mean a lot. All I can do is keep applying for work but with 2 years of failed job applications I am starting to loose hope with this plan.  Maybe I wont be able to find a full time media job in Liverpool. Maybe I wont even be able to find a full time waitressing job in Liverpool either.

If anything the greatest progress I have made over these past few years is figuring out what type of films I would like to make. At least now I have ideas, stories and scripts that could be made into films.  I wish I could just put up with work for the time being, leave the stress behind when I finish work each day and focus on making films. But it is depressing me having to get up each morning and do I job I can’t stand.

I may find another job within these next few months or I may not. I hope that no matter where my financial security or happiness levels are at – that this year I will still make the short film that I have in mind to make before this year ends. But I can not guarantee it, life gets in the way, it is very frustrating to feel so stuck.

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Jul 302015


It has been a while.

Unfortunately I wont be making a feature film this summer, time and money are not on my side :(

However I do plan to make a short film and maybe a documentary by the end of this year. I am fed up of old film ideas and want to step away from student film and go forth to midweight contender film-maker status.

I aim to do this by making a short film that is planned, thought-out and unique – then put it into the UKs best festivals (not major festivals like Cannes or Sundance) but midweight festivals like Edinburgh and Raindance.  I believe I stand a chance of winning at this level – or at the very least step up onto this level of filmmaking.

So watch this space. Quality films to be made soon or so the dream goes.

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Jun 222015

A little life update.

My ideal job would be one where I can work flexible hours, giving me the time and a bit of spare money to be able to make films.

I feel like I have tried out about ten small business ideas over this past year –video journalism, blogging, painting, website building, ebaying,  freelance writing – yet nothing worked out. I have also worked 5 part times jobs. I didn’t like any of them. Now I have yet another idea to try out along the lines of script consultation/script reading that I think could be good for me – I don’t know if it will work out. I will simply have to try out my new idea and see how if it works in reality.

So I want people to know – that if anything works out for me over these next few years  – just know that I have failed many times trying out many different things before I made something that worked.

As things stand now -I have an actor for my feature film – the plan is write something together and make a film over the summer. I am also writing a book (14,000 words so far).

My plans for the next few months – try out new online business idea, make feature film, if things don’t work out get another job.

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