Sep 112016
What a production runner needs to know

A production runner is the basic entry level job for people starting out work in the film industry. You might work as a runner at any stage of film development and within any department.  I have based this post on some of the FAQ’s I am getting from those looking […]

Sep 062016
10 steps of pre-production in film

This August I had the month off work and decided to make a short film. However as it turns out trying to shoot a short film in a month was not realistic. I only finished writing the script at the end of july. I have had other things to sort […]

Aug 022016
5 ways to find contacts as a filmmaker

Contacts mean a lot in life, or so I am told. The film industry is oversaturated, competitive and art is conceptual – as such talent is only part of success. We all need to know the right people to get to where we want to be in life.  In film […]

Jul 252016
5 ways to make money as a filmmaker

5 ways to make money in film before you make it Did you know that only 7% of British films make a profit. I read an article with that fact on a few months ago and it sticks in my mind Just how unpredictable and unreliable filmmaking is. If you […]

Jul 112016
Storyboarding my short film

How to storyboard a short film. I have started to storyboard my short film. I need to get a move on, I hope to start filming in as a little as a month. The more prep I do the easier the shoot with be, the more smoothly it will go […]