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what does the producer do on a film set?
What does the Producer do on a film set

The producer of a film is one of the more well known job roles within a film crew, yet the exact jobs that they do day to day on set are not so well know. I have been uncertain myself on what exactly a producer does so I have broken down their job roles throughout a film production.

Think of a producer as the manager of a film set

Being a film producer might be the toughest job on a film set. They are the most responsible person if a film fails to make profit. They represent the film throughout the entire project from hiring the screenwriter to screening the film. The work they do on projects usual spans the longest out of all crew members (their work on a single project can last multiple years).

Producers also get paid the most on a film set. They average 5% of a film’s budget. On independent films the producer often works alone, on major films they will have a whole team of producers to help them.

Unless a film is being made by a studio, an independent producer will also have to secure financing for the film

What does the producer do? – Pre-Production

The first job for a producer would be to find a screenplay to turn into a film. Or hire screenwriters to developed a story idea or adaption. It is the producer’s job to retrieve the film rights for the story.  Traditionally Producers also hire the director and help them cast the film.

Producers will hire all of the head of departments of a film crew such as the production designer, the director of photography, additional producers such as co-producers, line producers and production managers.

Every key decision made during the pre production process will go through the producer first. Being as organised as possible during pre-production stage will help the filming go smoother. The pre production process is often the longest phase of making a film.

  • Finds the screenplay and story to work with
  • Hires the screenwriters to finish a final draft
  • Secures funding
  • Hires the director and helps them cast the film
  • Hires the main crew members
  • All major decisions will go through them

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