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I was going to start this post by telling you that I have finally got myself a full time job!

That was the case last week when I worked 30hrs at a café training to be a sandwich maker. The peace of mind only lasted a week, I was let go this Monday for not being fast enough to do what was before a two man job and for yawning during a 6am start.

It is hard finding work right now. Over 1000 applicants applied for this job making sandwiches. It kind of kills your motivation to be rejected and the pressure of debt is expanding.

Today I sat in my office room all day, drinking endless cups of tea under the covers, watching anime and listening to Pink Floyd. I have worked full time for the past 7 days, a nothing day is needed before I head out once again to look for work. I am depressed but at least I am moving, most days I get dressed and most days I achieve something if only a little progress.

Slowly my music video gets edited.

I shot a music video two weeks ago, but one of the cards with important footage on it got spontaneously corrupted, a few days with recovery software sorted the problem. I have been unable to edit with all of the work I have had on this past week. But now I am editing and there is a music video being made.

I also hope to create a film industry based website, a little idea I have which I will share with you soon. Things are not great but could always be worse. I will make the effort to look for work tomorrow.

 October 29, 2014


I am sick of living in poverty. Just getting by, I spend less than £10 a week. Life is boring when there is nothing to look forward too and I have little motivation. I am planning on getting a proper full time job by November. I’ll try this full time job thing again. I want enough money to get a haircut, buy some books, eat out once a month, no more starving artist. Getting a job in this world is very difficult right now.

“I grew up watching ‘Friends’, Sheldon Cooper says he has 9 friends that’s more than I have! I have really got to stop watching daytime TV!”

I wanted this blog to be an honest look at how I become a film director. A title I hope one day to have the confidence to call myself. I find that most people only gloat and show their highlight reel online – never their behind the scenes troubles. I am going to build myself up again and change is good.


I am going to finish a music video this week for a local band. A simple concept to start things off. I have written about 17,000 words of poetry which makes sense to make into a book eventually. Although I have only written 12 pages of my feature film script, things are progressing in baby steps.

Films to relate too

I have signed up to Mubi and pour myself over cinema at least once a day,  yesterday I watched Andrea Arnolds – Red Road. Before that Swedish coming of age film – Pure. One film that any Freeter can relate too is Japanese indie film – Tamako in Moratorium.

I am in my Moratorium stage right now and that is OK we all have are down moments.

But next week expect a music video online, the first stage of slowly building myself back up again.


 October 14, 2014

A music video I made for a band in college.

I shot half of a music video for a band yesterday, soon there will be new stuff to see.)

 October 8, 2014

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